Sunday, March 2, 2014

Cookies anyone??

What is your favorite type of cookie? I like nearly any type of cookie but am partial to chocolate chip. Recently, I received two free packages of Keebler Simply Made cookies through Bzz Agent to try out and spread the word on. I got a package of Butter and a package of Chocolate Chip. I had tried these cookies in the past when they were on sale and enjoyed them, so it was exciting to get more of them to try out. I enjoyed the Butter cookies. The rest of my family chowed down and enjoyed the package of Chocolate Chip cookies before I could even have 1!! The best thing about the Simply Made cookies is that there are so few ingredients in them, and you can pronounce the ingredients! I think they had around 9-10 total ingredients! The only thing that would have made these even better than they already were was if they were a little bit soft and chewy. They did still taste amazing as a crunch cookie though. I will definitely consider the Keebler Simply Made line again when I am in the market to crunch on some cookies.

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