Sunday, December 30, 2012

Year in Review 2012

2012 has been an up and down kind of year. Gabby has had her share of ups and downs in school. Being the parent of a preteen is such a joy! Natalie has had her ups and downs with anxiety, which hit an all time high this summer after the Batman shootings and her subsequent panic attack, chest pains and all. My marriage hit a few speed bumps along the way too. We lost our last rat, Peaches, this week. She was nearly 4 and had a tumor which left her unable to stand up anymore. We have had ups and downs with the rescue world this year too, ending with F2F ceasing to exist anymore and being absorbed into Wishbone House. We are up to 7 cats currently, with 2-3 of them awaiting new forever homes. Grandma has gone downhill steadily with her health and mental status, but she is still going strong for 97! 2012 had its share of good moments as well. Jeff is doing great with his fitness, now if only he could quit smoking. I need to get my (ever-growing) butt back in gear and shed several pounds. Gabby joined the cross country team, and even though she is the slowest runner, she still did it! I got to try several new products this year courtesy of Bzz Agent and #igotitfree. I especially love getting in on Burt's Bees campaigns! I'm hoping for more opportunity to try new products in 2013. Sweeps-wise, 2012 was kind of a bust, but then again, I didn't try that hard to enter most of the year. I ended 2011 on a high note sweeping, and still have a little over a day to end good for 2012! Otherwise, 2013 will start fresh and I will put more into entering again. Happy New Year!

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