Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Break

Who would have thought I would have to be mowing the grass already during spring break? I am so happy we have had gorgeous weather (though would like it a little warmer this week) but don't like the bugs and lawn care that come alone with it!!

So far this week we have spent it buying new tires for the van and selling excess Girl Scout cookies that Nat's troop has leftover. Oh, and also been chasing down the troop members that haven't turned in their money from their orders yet. Yeah, that's been fun. I've been stressing so much over the withdrawal that is happening (today) that I can't even sleep! If I don't get $120 to deposit from one of those that still owe, we'll be bouncy bouncy in the troop account. UGH, why is it such a pain to be a volunteer?

Well, we just have one more precious weekday off before it's the weekend and then back to reality until June 8th for the kids. We're going to enjoy every last second.

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