Saturday, January 21, 2012

2012 Starting Swell

I'm starting off the new year on a positive note so far, and I like it! I was asked to start subbing in the office at school, which means a substantial raise on those days I sub versus the days I work recess. :) So far this month, we've only had 4 days of school each week, which saves on gas! (2 were planned days off, one a snow day). I'm back into my fitness routine which is good for me as I was out of control for the Christmas season. Oh, and I already finished my taxes!!

One down side is that someone is trying to slander the rescue owner that we volunteer for. I totally understand that not everybody is going to love her and sing her praises, but my gosh, the effort that goes in to bad-mouthing and trying to put a person down should be better put to positive efforts elsewhere in the community. I have a suspicion that it is coming from a different rescue in town, and to that I say, aren't we all doing rescue for the same reason -- to save the lives of unwanted shelter animals?? Why does it have to be a competition??? Some people just can't see past their own reflection in the mirror.

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