Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Countdown

I still cannot get into the spirit. It's so hard with no snow. We've only had a dusting and the news says the average for December is around 19". I can't believe we haven't even had an inch yet! As for shopping, that isn't even happening until Friday night since hub's bonus is a week later this year. Not really complaining though since it is larger than last Christmas (which went towards the down payment on the van).

Here's hoping we survive the marathon shopping on Friday though. The kids and I will be getting all the food from Costco and Meijer (along with a few last minute presents) then DH and I will drop kiddo's to grandma for the night and we'll shop for them then come home and assemble and wrap. Maybe there will be some sleeping sometime after that. :) Christmas eve, he will take the kids to get something for ME and then we always go to a movie and to IHOP (thank goodness for SCRIP, I already have those paid for with gift cards).

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