Sunday, October 23, 2011

You're Kidding Me

About 3 weeks ago, Nat fell in the basement and landed head first onto the floor (from about 3 feet off the ground). We had her take it easy all day and kept an eye on her, but I decided I better give the on-call nurse at the ped's office a call to find out what to watch for at bedtime. After answering her questions, she said she needed to consult with the dr. She called us back after a few minutes and said Dr. said to go to ER right away.

Off to Helen DeVos Children's Hospital we went. We were fast tracked and got right in, though they weren't busy anyway and we would have gotten right in. After waiting in the room for an hour, we were finally seen by the PA who just checked a couple of things with her and did a couple of balance tests. She said she didn't suspect a concussion and gave us instructions for the week (basically no gym, keep calm, etc) to let her brain heal from being shook up a little.

Fast forward 2 weeks and we get our insurance statement (which of course they won't cover, it all has to go toward deductible). The ER is charging over $600 for "first aid care" and the PA bill came a couple of days later and is nearly $200 for 10 minutes of her asking a few questions and doing a balance and jump test. I can't wait to get the actual bill from the hospital to see what $600 of "first aid care" really is. She didn't even change into a gown, there were no scans done, no bandaid, NOTHING done except basic triage, which I can do most of that myself. To say I'm pissed right now is putting it mildly and there will be phone calls made when I do get the actual itemized bill. She wasn't even given a blanket or pillow!!!!!

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