Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Everyday I'm Shufflin'

Yeah, I love the Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO and look forward to Zumba every week to get my groove on to it. hehe

It also sums up my life so far this whole month of September. School started on the 6th and I have hardly had a chance to sit since! I work Tues-Friday, volunteer usually at least 2 of those days too, and the last 2 weeks have had things going on 3 nights a week. It's amazing anyone in our house has any clean clothes to wear! I have time to throw in a load in the morning and hope I remember to put it in the dryer between dropping kids off, working, and picking kids back up from school.

I also have been busy every weekend with the animal rescue trying to save as many pets as we can from death at a shelter. Tonight was a great night and someone came over to look at one of my fosters (who he will be adopting at the end of the week) and is considering adopting a 2nd of my fosters!! Caesar has only been here for a month, and he is the for sure. Oreo we've had since April and it's time for that little buddy to find his own place. My big boy Marco will probably never go, even though my husband thinks he is a bully and needs to get a home quickly. He really isn't, he just gets fed up with one of my personal cats constantly following him and staying about a foot away, and then staring at him. This is a daily ritual and has been since Marco got here in June, the poor guy.

Time to shuffle along now and enjoy the rest of September. October looks just as busy with Girl Scouts starting up, and silly me, I went to a book fair volunteer meeting at school Monday morning and ended up on 2 committees. How do I get myself in these situations??


Jamie said...

You won my giveaway!

You sound like a busy mama! ;0)

mom2gabnnat said...

Awesome!! Thanks so much!

Daily Rant said...

Hi there!
Thanks for entering my giveaway and for following me, I am now following you!

I couldn't help but notice that pic of 2 adorable hairless rats on your page! I used to have a Blue Hairless, a b&w Dumbo and a Fancy rat (I rescued her from my future brother in law - who was going to feed her to his snake!).

They have all since died, but they were great pets and so loving.

Hope you have a good week!