Sunday, August 21, 2011

Leather Seats? OK

I wasn't sure how I'd like the leather seats when we got our "new to us" van back at Christmastime, but I can say that there have been several times I'm glad we have them. The butt warmer is amazing in the winter, but burning my butt in the summer when it's been sitting in the sun is not so amazing.

Yesterday while packing up at the animal adoption event, I left the windows down a bit because I had 2 cats in there (don't worry, it was cloudy and not that warm out). We had a family coming back to finalize the adoption of Sharif (see my previous post about the Shar Pei) and then we could leave. We knew a storm was coming so we got things packed in record time. Before the family got back, the storm rolled in. Since the dog isn't a fan of rain (and I'm not a fan of lightening) I took him inside TSC to wait for his new family. In the meantime, my car windows were still opened a bit (about 2 inches) for the cats to have fresh air. Then, it downpoured. By the time papers were signed and the adoption fee handed over, my car got thoroughly soaked! I had to run through the parking lot barefoot because it was ankle deep water, and jump into my van. All the way home, each time I turned a corner, water dripped out of my dash onto my feet. I hope I didn't ruin anything. At least the seats were easier to dry than cloth though!

PS: The adoption didn't work out and the dog came back to us after only 4 hours. :( Sharif played a little too rough for their smaller Shih Tzu dog. I hope my buddy gets a forever family soon!

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