Friday, July 29, 2011


We are fostering the cutest Shar-Pei boy right now! He is such a good dog, knows his basic commands, and is great with the kids. He is very curious about the cats, and they HATE him, haha. He just got fixed yesterday so the urge to mark is still in him. I'm trying to give him a bit more freedom in the house and he promptly marked the laundry basket in the hall and then the dehumidifier downstairs (I blocked the way to the basement now). He is going to make a fabulous addition to someones family. Natalie said he is the perfect addition to our family, but Jeff says NO, and I know he is right. We just are not cut out to be dog owners, but fostering from time to time is fun. Here's to hoping "Pancake" gets adopted soon!

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