Thursday, June 23, 2011

Back in the Swing of things

BUSY, and that doesn't even cover the half of it! I thought summer vacation was supposed to be, well, vacation. I have been busier than ever since school got out on June 10. I am now co-director for GS Day Camp due to the other one backing out very last minute. Things that should have been done several months ago weren't and we are scrambling to get everything done and ready for camp in 3 weeks. EEK!

I'm also trying to keep up with my diet and workout program, but that has taken an odd turn as well since Thing 2 broke my toe yesterday. I still managed to run 2 miles and even shaved 4 seconds off my first mile. HooRah! I don't know if I will post a loss next week at fit test or not, but as long as I maintain I will be happy.

Our newest venture since February has been with Fur To Feathers Rescue ( Today is supposed to be the start of our fundraising yard sale but Mother Nature is trying to foil those plans. Rain, rain, go away.

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Cassie said...

Wow! Summer's always such a busy time, just breathe! The only way out is through!