Sunday, December 25, 2011

White-ish Christmas

Wishing a very merry Christmas to everyone reading this. I am sitting here with a sleeping hubby on the couch and 2 satisfied girls upstairs playing with their new sock monkey's, Webkinz, and Justin Bieber dolls. Unwrapping this year took a mere 10 minutes I think, and I wonder why do I spend hours wrapping it all up?

We got a Christmas miracle of sorts on the night of the 23rd, SNOW! Too bad most of it melted on the 24th but there are still some patches of white out there, and that's what matters most to look like Christmas.

I hope everyone has a blessed day with family and friends sharing and making memories today and the rest of 2011!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Countdown

I still cannot get into the spirit. It's so hard with no snow. We've only had a dusting and the news says the average for December is around 19". I can't believe we haven't even had an inch yet! As for shopping, that isn't even happening until Friday night since hub's bonus is a week later this year. Not really complaining though since it is larger than last Christmas (which went towards the down payment on the van).

Here's hoping we survive the marathon shopping on Friday though. The kids and I will be getting all the food from Costco and Meijer (along with a few last minute presents) then DH and I will drop kiddo's to grandma for the night and we'll shop for them then come home and assemble and wrap. Maybe there will be some sleeping sometime after that. :) Christmas eve, he will take the kids to get something for ME and then we always go to a movie and to IHOP (thank goodness for SCRIP, I already have those paid for with gift cards).

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's (not) Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

December 6 should have me in the Christmas mood, but not yet. No snow on the ground makes it hard to feel like Fa la la la la. It's cold enough though. I freeze my keester every day working. I know what's being added to my Christmas list along with a Kindle - a long, warm, winter coat or some snow pants.

We walked in the Santa Parade last weekend with school and Girl Scouts, but it was in the rain. Hard to welcome Santa when it's wet instead of white.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A break from break

5 days seems long enough to have everyone home! I'm ready for a "normal" day tomorrow when the kids go back to school and my one day off. I don't do anything remotely exciting, but it is a day I don't have to deal with my kids fighting or making messes between the hours of 8am and 3:30pm. Heaven!!

Thanksgiving went very well and was very delicious. I don't plan to step back on the scale until January 2. LOL I figure I want to enjoy life and there isn't all this good cooking the rest of the year normally so might as well live it up for a month.

On a food note, I LOVE the Candy Cane Hershey Kisses and have already plowed through 2 bags of them. I also found Pillsbury Peppermint Cookie Dough and will be making some of those today after the kids finish their chores. I hope they are delish because I bought 3 tubes of them (froze 2 for later) since they are limited availability.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fall Back

Changing the clocks in the fall is so bittersweet. In one way, I am glad I won't be driving to school in the black darkness in the mornings. I am sad it will now be dark at dinner time though. I love when it is light at night, but starting tomorrow it will be dark around 6. :( I guess all we need now is snow!

Monday, October 31, 2011


Did I scare you?
Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

You're Kidding Me

About 3 weeks ago, Nat fell in the basement and landed head first onto the floor (from about 3 feet off the ground). We had her take it easy all day and kept an eye on her, but I decided I better give the on-call nurse at the ped's office a call to find out what to watch for at bedtime. After answering her questions, she said she needed to consult with the dr. She called us back after a few minutes and said Dr. said to go to ER right away.

Off to Helen DeVos Children's Hospital we went. We were fast tracked and got right in, though they weren't busy anyway and we would have gotten right in. After waiting in the room for an hour, we were finally seen by the PA who just checked a couple of things with her and did a couple of balance tests. She said she didn't suspect a concussion and gave us instructions for the week (basically no gym, keep calm, etc) to let her brain heal from being shook up a little.

Fast forward 2 weeks and we get our insurance statement (which of course they won't cover, it all has to go toward deductible). The ER is charging over $600 for "first aid care" and the PA bill came a couple of days later and is nearly $200 for 10 minutes of her asking a few questions and doing a balance and jump test. I can't wait to get the actual bill from the hospital to see what $600 of "first aid care" really is. She didn't even change into a gown, there were no scans done, no bandaid, NOTHING done except basic triage, which I can do most of that myself. To say I'm pissed right now is putting it mildly and there will be phone calls made when I do get the actual itemized bill. She wasn't even given a blanket or pillow!!!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Finally, Fall

After having 80 degree days earlier this month, it now finally feels like fall. The downside to the cooler temps is that now the cats don't get many opportunities to go lay on the front porch in the sun. That leads to some cranky kitties!

We are back up to 6 cats in the house - 3 are fosters. All 3 are black and white - one tuxedo, one like a cow, and one all white except for a very small spot of black by her ear. It's sad when they get overlooked at the rescue adoption events and I have to stuff them back in the carriers and bring them back home. Don't get me wrong, they are awesome animals and we all love them, but the longer we have them, the more they and us get attached.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Everyday I'm Shufflin'

Yeah, I love the Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO and look forward to Zumba every week to get my groove on to it. hehe

It also sums up my life so far this whole month of September. School started on the 6th and I have hardly had a chance to sit since! I work Tues-Friday, volunteer usually at least 2 of those days too, and the last 2 weeks have had things going on 3 nights a week. It's amazing anyone in our house has any clean clothes to wear! I have time to throw in a load in the morning and hope I remember to put it in the dryer between dropping kids off, working, and picking kids back up from school.

I also have been busy every weekend with the animal rescue trying to save as many pets as we can from death at a shelter. Tonight was a great night and someone came over to look at one of my fosters (who he will be adopting at the end of the week) and is considering adopting a 2nd of my fosters!! Caesar has only been here for a month, and he is the for sure. Oreo we've had since April and it's time for that little buddy to find his own place. My big boy Marco will probably never go, even though my husband thinks he is a bully and needs to get a home quickly. He really isn't, he just gets fed up with one of my personal cats constantly following him and staying about a foot away, and then staring at him. This is a daily ritual and has been since Marco got here in June, the poor guy.

Time to shuffle along now and enjoy the rest of September. October looks just as busy with Girl Scouts starting up, and silly me, I went to a book fair volunteer meeting at school Monday morning and ended up on 2 committees. How do I get myself in these situations??

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Falling into place

It is not often that I can say that, and I really hope I didn't just jinx myself! Jeff's car repair came in at about 1/2 of what we put our maximum budget for it (since the car is old and paid off, we put a cap on how much was worth putting into it to fix it up). My treadmill is nearly sold (the buyer is paying for it today and picking it up tomorrow or Saturday). Now we will have cash to pay when we go outlet shopping over Labor Day weekend! Hooray!! Love it when things work out a little better than we he hoped, especially since we usually prepare for the worst when things go wrong in our house.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Leather Seats? OK

I wasn't sure how I'd like the leather seats when we got our "new to us" van back at Christmastime, but I can say that there have been several times I'm glad we have them. The butt warmer is amazing in the winter, but burning my butt in the summer when it's been sitting in the sun is not so amazing.

Yesterday while packing up at the animal adoption event, I left the windows down a bit because I had 2 cats in there (don't worry, it was cloudy and not that warm out). We had a family coming back to finalize the adoption of Sharif (see my previous post about the Shar Pei) and then we could leave. We knew a storm was coming so we got things packed in record time. Before the family got back, the storm rolled in. Since the dog isn't a fan of rain (and I'm not a fan of lightening) I took him inside TSC to wait for his new family. In the meantime, my car windows were still opened a bit (about 2 inches) for the cats to have fresh air. Then, it downpoured. By the time papers were signed and the adoption fee handed over, my car got thoroughly soaked! I had to run through the parking lot barefoot because it was ankle deep water, and jump into my van. All the way home, each time I turned a corner, water dripped out of my dash onto my feet. I hope I didn't ruin anything. At least the seats were easier to dry than cloth though!

PS: The adoption didn't work out and the dog came back to us after only 4 hours. :( Sharif played a little too rough for their smaller Shih Tzu dog. I hope my buddy gets a forever family soon!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tough Job

Rescuing is a hard job with hard decisions to be made. Kasse is a sweet girl locked in a local shelter. Our rescue owner was lining up a foster home for her so we could pull her. She went to visit her and ran a heartworm test, which came back positive. Unless we can come up with the $800-1000 for the treatment, this beautiful girl will be put down.

Fur to Feathers Rescue ("like" us on Facebook) has kicked off a donation campaign to save Kasse. Our goal is to raise $1000 by August 31 to get this girl the treatment she needs so we can give her the life she deserves.

Payments can be made through Paypal to or by mail to Fur to Feathers Kasse Fund, ‎3381 3 Mile RD NE, Grand Rapids, 49525.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Back to School

It's that wallet draining time of year once again...time for BTS shopping. Luckily my kids have a TON of clothes from shopping clearance racks, garage sales, and hand me downs. So far I've only had to buy a bunch of classroom supplies, but have been carefully watching the sales to try to catch some of the good deals. Yesterday we hit Target and Office Max and today was Staples. The only other thing I think we need is shoes, but I plan to go outlet shopping and also have a GC and coupon for Payless to get that stuff. Kids are so stinkin' expensive! :)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

3 Kittens and a Puppy

Overall, we had a successful adoption event today for Fur to Feathers Rescue. 3 kittens found their forever homes and one puppy was also adopted. We had 4 different families that came out specifically to look at Sharif (aka Pancake) but one gal decided on her own that she would like to start fostering first, one man didn't want a home visit done (red flag there), another one is thinking between him and one of our puppies, and I can't remember what happened to the other.

Unfortunately, Sharif came back home with me for the night. We are going to another event tomorrow so maybe we'll get some leads then. I won't be able to take him but one of our volunteers will be picking him up and bringing him. He is so tired out from today's event that after he ate, he flopped down and has been sleeping ever since (with one potty break). He is such a good boy but we need to be picky about where he goes because he is such a special dog. We want to make sure he will be treated like a family member, and not just a dog who is tossed outside all day all alone.

Friday, July 29, 2011


We are fostering the cutest Shar-Pei boy right now! He is such a good dog, knows his basic commands, and is great with the kids. He is very curious about the cats, and they HATE him, haha. He just got fixed yesterday so the urge to mark is still in him. I'm trying to give him a bit more freedom in the house and he promptly marked the laundry basket in the hall and then the dehumidifier downstairs (I blocked the way to the basement now). He is going to make a fabulous addition to someones family. Natalie said he is the perfect addition to our family, but Jeff says NO, and I know he is right. We just are not cut out to be dog owners, but fostering from time to time is fun. Here's to hoping "Pancake" gets adopted soon!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Back in the Swing of things

BUSY, and that doesn't even cover the half of it! I thought summer vacation was supposed to be, well, vacation. I have been busier than ever since school got out on June 10. I am now co-director for GS Day Camp due to the other one backing out very last minute. Things that should have been done several months ago weren't and we are scrambling to get everything done and ready for camp in 3 weeks. EEK!

I'm also trying to keep up with my diet and workout program, but that has taken an odd turn as well since Thing 2 broke my toe yesterday. I still managed to run 2 miles and even shaved 4 seconds off my first mile. HooRah! I don't know if I will post a loss next week at fit test or not, but as long as I maintain I will be happy.

Our newest venture since February has been with Fur To Feathers Rescue ( Today is supposed to be the start of our fundraising yard sale but Mother Nature is trying to foil those plans. Rain, rain, go away.