Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Long time, no blog

Life sure did get busy and out of control starting in January. I started working 2 days a week along with volunteering 2 other days during the week. That leaves me with one day to get laundry done and have some time for ME. Girl Scouts and now basketball practice and games have also taken up 3 evenings a week. I don't even have much time for Tupperware anymore, but I am staying active so any orders are welcome and appreciated. I don't even remember when the last traditional in-home party was that I did. I have a book party and fundraiser going right now and also keep up with my monthly vendor group too. Whew, I have a love/hate relationship with being this busy. I love that the kids are taking an interest in being more involved in after school activities, and it gets Gabby in with a better group of friends than some of her other so-called friends (who regularly were a part of her getting in trouble for behavior).