Sunday, August 9, 2009

Almost Done

With BTS shopping that is. Gabby needs 1 more notebook and another pair of jeans, then I just need the classroom basics for donation - tissue, paper towel, band aids. I still need to get them winter boots but those can wait a couple months.

Speaking of winter, today we are finally getting a taste of real summer - hot, sunny, humid, and in the 90s. Ahhhhhhh.....yucky! I think it is only supposed to last 2 days, then a short break, then back to summer again. I just might have to get out the pool for the kids, but that would require I mow, which I don't want to do in the heat. The slip n slide sprung a big leak so that is shot for the summer. Maybe I'll go invest in a new sprinkler for the kids and see if that tides them over.

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