Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Welcome to July

It's already July! Now it will really feel like the summer is flying by. Tomorrow I have to go fill in at BNI (a business network) for my Tupperware director who is on vacation. I always get so nervous before it and it's over in 90 minutes. I just get worked up about public speaking even though I only have to talk for 30 seconds and listen the rest of the time. I still have to get a sitter for the early morning too. Guess I should've thought of that sooner.

Why does my darling 6 year old think that 4am is a fine time to be awake and be scared, thus waking the rest of the house? Thanks to a YouTube video with the seemingly innocent start but has the scary face that pops out and screams, she is scared of everything. She has even had 2 accidents in her pants since Saturday because she is afraid to go to the bathroom alone. Grrrrrr.

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