Thursday, July 23, 2009

Motivation, where are you?

I don't know what the deal with me has been lately but I just lack any sort of motivation what-so-ever. I have superb thoughts of doing things in my head on Sunday nights, and before you know it, it's Thursday and the only thing I've done that is helpful is a few loads of laundry (which are not even folded yet, by the way).

I did manage to rearrange Natalie's bedroom in hopes of keeping her in it at night. So far so good on that battle.

We found out on Monday that we will be getting about 10" worth of insulation blown in to the walls and attic in a month or so. We won't be getting the living room windows replaced though, Boo!

I'm still plugging away to sell my way to earn the kids a party spot. I've enlisted the help of a Blogger who I teamed up with in the spring. She placed a small order but her readers so far have not jumped on the bandwagon of ordering for extra entries and a possible 2nd prize. It's been less than 24 hours since she posted it though. I still have hope I'll make it.

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