Thursday, June 25, 2009


There is nothing on earth like a fresh Michigan strawberry. Yummmy. The girls and I got up early this morning to go to the local u-pick and we brought home 13 pounds. I flash froze 2 large containers, mashed and added sugar to 2 more 2 lb. containers and the rest are hulled and stored in the fridge. Oh, we also made some popsicles in the Tupperware Ice tups and I made a bowl of sorbet for Gabby to munch on. I would love to make some jam but know that I'd be the only one eating it since everyone else is strictly grape for their PBJ's. Oh, a fabulous though just came to me. We WILL be having pancakes with pureed strawberries this weekend. I even have some whip topping! If it wasn't still so blasted hot and humid in my home I'd make some right now.

It's finally been hot but I don't want to destroy the yard with the kids pool this year. I got them a Slip N Slide instead and Natalie loves it to death. She is out there at least 2 times a day on it. I'm sure I'll end up caving and putting the pool up again but I am holding the kids off with the excuse that I need to mow first. That will only work for maybe 1 or 2 more days though.

Tomorrow the girls and I get to make some yummies in prep for my Tastefully Simple party I'm hosting. My goal was to get the consultant to trade parties with me but she had excuses for that. Oh well, at least I can earn some goodies by hosting for her. Maybe, just maybe, she'll be convinced that she needs a few items that I plan to pull out to use for the food. That is my hope anyways.

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