Saturday, June 13, 2009

Is it really summer?

I would have thought by the weather we've had it was only early May. I have not worn shorts 1 time this year yet, other than boxers to bed. The kids have only asked to go in the sprinkler one time, and that only lasted about 5 minutes. Don't get me wrong, I am not wishing for the 90 degree hot and steamy days, but perhaps we could break the 80 degree mark sometime soon.

Good News! Jeff got a call to start a contract gig for Monday. FINALLY we'll get more than MARVIN. I can't wait! It's only for 2 months but it is a start and fingers crossed, maybe they'll be able to extend it or even find a permanent slot for him somewhere there. I'm just glad I can breathe a small sigh and maybe start to pay a few things on time for a change.

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kasandria said...

Yep summer cam out of nowhere! Enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine!