Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mow Town

One of the wonderful joys of spring and all of the April Showers we had to endure is now I have a jungle of a yard. I sent hubby out today to fill the gas can and now I have the pleasure (?) of mowing the lawn. The dandelions are speckling the yard with their yellow and I have patches of grass that are at least an inch taller than other spots. It looks horrible. I'm hoping the weather holds out for tomorrow afternoon to get it done since I have Girl Scouts tonight and I think I would keel over from shock if Jeff actually picked up a finger to help around here. All I can say is this - he can't go back to work soon enough! He may make a call or 2 each day but then he sits around and usually ends up falling asleep. Ahem, there are PLENTY of projects to do around the house and I sure as heck do not curl up and take a daily nap even though I don't work outside the home.

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