Saturday, May 30, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

This week has been nuts, and not always in a good way. Tuesday was my birthday, day to help at school, and for fun, Girl Scouts was thrown in there too. Wednesday I helped at school again, helped set up tables for Marketplace, and had to run some tests to the Dr. for my Grandma. Thursday was Marketplace day for Gabby's class at school, then I had to call the Dr. and ended up taking Grandma to the ER. We sat in ER all night and at 5:30am they took her to have her appendix out. Came home Friday morning to try to sleep, and Natalie also had a friend come over after school. I got up, had to pick up Gabby, then back down to the hospital to check on Grandma. Saturday was busy too with a Girl Scout event in the morning, then a friends birthday party in the afternoon, and a trip to check on Grandma. Sunday I may get to stay home but then again, Grandma may get released so I'll have to pick her up. Next week will be just as bad being the last week of school and full of granduations and field trips. Whew!

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