Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sure Would Be Nice

Any day now our luck can turn around. Saturday our water main decided to start leaking. At least I have a friend married to a plumber so he only charged us $50, but it was yet another blow to our already rotten week.

Yesterday, Jeff drove out to Jenison for an interview. Too bad the guy interviewing him didn't show up. Then he drove back to Mich Works to sit in the meeting for No Worker Left Behind. He was the first one there, signed the sheet they told him too, then went to sit and read a book while waiting. Turns out the person working told him and several others to sign the wrong sheet so they didn't get to get in on the class because the correct sheet filled up in the meantime. I really wish people working for the public could learn to do their jobs correctly.

Today has been so-so. I have a BUNCH of stuff I need to get done for upcoming TW parties, I need to ChaCha, and I want to finish filling out sweeps entries because one of these days, with all the bad luck we've had, we should win something nice and big again, right????

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