Monday, April 20, 2009

Horrible Day

Well, today actually started off ok. I got busy this morning and logged in and worked some, then went to do the K pick up. I got home and my neighbor asked if Natalie and I wanted to go to lunch with her and the girl she babysits, who Natalie plays with a lot. We ended up at McD's playland and it was nice for the kids to play and she and I got to chat a bit. After that, we left to pick up Gabby. On our way home, my cell starts to ring and I see it was Jeff. I answered it and he asked where we were then proceeded to say he was at home. When I asked why he was home he said, "why do you think, I got fired today." Niiiiiice. Well, this isn't the biggest surprise in the world since he has not been happy at this job since he got it and they were always riding him for one thing or another and nothing he did was ever the way they wanted him to do it. He said around 3 they called him into the conference room and his boss just said they decided to go in a different direction than what they were thinking when they hired him and were letting him go. The the boss walked out and left him there with the HR lady. They are paying him for the rest of the week and keeping our benefits through the month. I'm not heartbroken about it and neither is he but we have NOTHING, not a thing, to live off of. I pray to God we get unemployment because otherwise we literally will lose everything. I sent out several of his resumes (and even one of my own) and he contacted many of his contract contacts and emailed out many updated resumes. The bad part is we live in Michigan where there really is nothing. 12% unemployment rate is not very encouraging. We may have to pack up and just leave our house and move, which sucks and is not at all what I want to do. One tiny bright side - he has a side job lined up for tomorrow morning that will bring in enough money to make his car payment this month. Guess we gotta take what we can get, any way we get it.

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