Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Good Grief

Well, things today just aren't made the way they used to be. Last week, a wire broke off Gabby's retainer. She already had an appointment scheduled for yesterday so we left it for then. Yesterday she wakes up and tells me a wire broke on the bottom one too. Good thing we were going to the dentist. Well, they have to send in the upper to the lab to be repaired. $100 charge for that. REALLY? On top of the already $2400 we've paid for this? I can see if she would have done something to break it but it just apparently got weak and broke off. He fixed the bottom one in the office but when she was brushing it last night it came undone again. Seems to me that they should hold up longer than 6 months. She just got them in August and is careful with them. Now we wait until Monday to get that one fixed when we go pick up the upper. I'm highly annoyed and will really be ticked if we're charged more for it. I had numerous sets of retainers growing up and never had one break or wires come off.

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