Thursday, April 16, 2009

6 More Weeks

After tomorrow there is only 6 more weeks of school! Wow, the year has flown by and my baby will soon be a big 1st grader! I can hardly believe it. While I am excited for next year and not having a middle of the day school run, I just can't let her grow up yet.

I've been busy sweeping this week, but have yet to win something for the week. I still have faith though. I'm really hoping for a Clorox Wipes canister because we are out and could really use some. I think I've entered darn near every one I've run across for those.

I had a contest come up courtesy of Eighty MPH Mom to giveaway some of my Tupperware. Visit her link through the button on the side. I've had a bunch of new hits to my website and hope people have bookmarked it for future reference. So far no new sales but there is still a week left of the contest. Plenty of time for people to still see it.

Beth has had a lot of interest in Tupperware from co-workers. One group is doing a fundraiser right now for Relay for Life and another person wants to have a regular party. I can't wait!! Things are starting to fall into place for my home business, at least for this next month. I have one party scheduled, a book party scheduled, and this fundraiser. I also have this new possible party. It couldn't happen in a better month with it being TW Birthday month. I also need the extra sales for my extra May bills (home insurance and car tags).

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