Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I am a free sample hog. If there is something out there for free that I can use, I want to know about it and sign up for it. Just today I got a free sample of body wash. Last week I got a free grocery tote. I get many monthly feminine products for free also. Visit FreeSampleDirect for updates on the latest freebies available out there. No more searching the web for them, just visit FreeSampleDirect to find links to great products.

Sure Would Be Nice

Any day now our luck can turn around. Saturday our water main decided to start leaking. At least I have a friend married to a plumber so he only charged us $50, but it was yet another blow to our already rotten week.

Yesterday, Jeff drove out to Jenison for an interview. Too bad the guy interviewing him didn't show up. Then he drove back to Mich Works to sit in the meeting for No Worker Left Behind. He was the first one there, signed the sheet they told him too, then went to sit and read a book while waiting. Turns out the person working told him and several others to sign the wrong sheet so they didn't get to get in on the class because the correct sheet filled up in the meantime. I really wish people working for the public could learn to do their jobs correctly.

Today has been so-so. I have a BUNCH of stuff I need to get done for upcoming TW parties, I need to ChaCha, and I want to finish filling out sweeps entries because one of these days, with all the bad luck we've had, we should win something nice and big again, right????

Monday, April 20, 2009

Horrible Day

Well, today actually started off ok. I got busy this morning and logged in and worked some, then went to do the K pick up. I got home and my neighbor asked if Natalie and I wanted to go to lunch with her and the girl she babysits, who Natalie plays with a lot. We ended up at McD's playland and it was nice for the kids to play and she and I got to chat a bit. After that, we left to pick up Gabby. On our way home, my cell starts to ring and I see it was Jeff. I answered it and he asked where we were then proceeded to say he was at home. When I asked why he was home he said, "why do you think, I got fired today." Niiiiiice. Well, this isn't the biggest surprise in the world since he has not been happy at this job since he got it and they were always riding him for one thing or another and nothing he did was ever the way they wanted him to do it. He said around 3 they called him into the conference room and his boss just said they decided to go in a different direction than what they were thinking when they hired him and were letting him go. The the boss walked out and left him there with the HR lady. They are paying him for the rest of the week and keeping our benefits through the month. I'm not heartbroken about it and neither is he but we have NOTHING, not a thing, to live off of. I pray to God we get unemployment because otherwise we literally will lose everything. I sent out several of his resumes (and even one of my own) and he contacted many of his contract contacts and emailed out many updated resumes. The bad part is we live in Michigan where there really is nothing. 12% unemployment rate is not very encouraging. We may have to pack up and just leave our house and move, which sucks and is not at all what I want to do. One tiny bright side - he has a side job lined up for tomorrow morning that will bring in enough money to make his car payment this month. Guess we gotta take what we can get, any way we get it.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

6 More Weeks

After tomorrow there is only 6 more weeks of school! Wow, the year has flown by and my baby will soon be a big 1st grader! I can hardly believe it. While I am excited for next year and not having a middle of the day school run, I just can't let her grow up yet.

I've been busy sweeping this week, but have yet to win something for the week. I still have faith though. I'm really hoping for a Clorox Wipes canister because we are out and could really use some. I think I've entered darn near every one I've run across for those.

I had a contest come up courtesy of Eighty MPH Mom to giveaway some of my Tupperware. Visit her link through the button on the side. I've had a bunch of new hits to my website and hope people have bookmarked it for future reference. So far no new sales but there is still a week left of the contest. Plenty of time for people to still see it.

Beth has had a lot of interest in Tupperware from co-workers. One group is doing a fundraiser right now for Relay for Life and another person wants to have a regular party. I can't wait!! Things are starting to fall into place for my home business, at least for this next month. I have one party scheduled, a book party scheduled, and this fundraiser. I also have this new possible party. It couldn't happen in a better month with it being TW Birthday month. I also need the extra sales for my extra May bills (home insurance and car tags).

Monday, April 13, 2009

Paying my taxes

Ugh, had to finally hit the send button on the Turbo Tax today. Now I just need to mail out my check tomorrow.

Had a nice Easter yesterday. I spend the morning in bed watching old 90210 on SoapNet, Jeff helped Gabby make some cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and then we started our festivities. We completely blanked on stuffing the eggs to hide on Saturday night. We were too busy folding 3 baskets of laundry and watching Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. Of course Natalie noticed that we hadn't hidden any eggs - she's already figured out that Mom and Dad hide the eggs after she spied on us 2 years ago. She is so funny though. She said she would help put candy in them and then pretend to be asleep while we hid them. Instead I sent them to Jeff's family while he went and played games. I stuffed and hid the eggs and set out the Easter presents while they were gone. It was perfect timing too because as soon as I had showered and dressed, they were pulling in the driveway to see the eggs scattered about the yard. It was really nice.

Later, we went back to the in-laws for a nice ham dinner and the kids played with the dog and outside with some of their new toys. Gabby was ecstatic to receive a bat and ball (thank you Dollar Tree) and Natalie was having fun with her foam sword.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Sun

The sun is shining and the sky is blue. If I could pull myself away from the computer I could go out and enjoy it. I have wasted most of the day when I should have been working for ChaCha earning my dimes. I also need to get a new marketing plan to boost sales to my Tupperware site. I have a fundraiser in the works, a regular party, and a book party for the next month so that is fantastic news and the extra money couldn't come at a better time. Money in May flies out faster than it comes in - house insurance, car tags, and I get to renew my license this year too. Can't wait! There's also Mother's Day and birthday's thrown in there too, but those can wait for another time. I'm a mom every day, I don't need a Hallmark card to remind me of that fact. I'm considering doing a giveaway for my Tupperware, I just need to do more research as to how to go about it. I think I could do one myself from my little 'ol blog or I could check on my mommy boards with some other bloggers and see what they suggest. Anyhoo, have an enjoyable Thursday.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Good Grief

Well, things today just aren't made the way they used to be. Last week, a wire broke off Gabby's retainer. She already had an appointment scheduled for yesterday so we left it for then. Yesterday she wakes up and tells me a wire broke on the bottom one too. Good thing we were going to the dentist. Well, they have to send in the upper to the lab to be repaired. $100 charge for that. REALLY? On top of the already $2400 we've paid for this? I can see if she would have done something to break it but it just apparently got weak and broke off. He fixed the bottom one in the office but when she was brushing it last night it came undone again. Seems to me that they should hold up longer than 6 months. She just got them in August and is careful with them. Now we wait until Monday to get that one fixed when we go pick up the upper. I'm highly annoyed and will really be ticked if we're charged more for it. I had numerous sets of retainers growing up and never had one break or wires come off.

Friday, April 3, 2009

April Chill

Spring break starts after school today. The kids are looking forward to staying home and being able to ride bikes and play in the ... snow? Yes, that's right folks, accumulating snow is in our forecast for the beginning of the week. What's up with that? I'm ready to pack away the boots, gloves, and snowpants for good.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool

Well, some magical forces were at work in our home some time in the wee hours and they got us pretty good for April Fools. Our alarms did not go off. Now I am pretty sure I remember setting mine. I have no clue if Jeff set his. Either way, they did not go off and I didn't wake up until 7:16 when I heard Natalie talking to Gabby in the monitor. The kids get picked up for school around 7:35. OOPS! Amazingly, they got dressed, ate, and brushed teeth in record speed and were ready to go when their ride got here. I even had time to put crazy pony tails in their hair for Wacky Wednesday at school today. Now, to see what else the day has in store for me...