Thursday, March 5, 2009

Come On Spring

After enduring 100+ inches of snow over the winter, I am more than ready to welcome in the spring weather with open arms. Today we should be near 50, woohoo! I am sure we will still have more snow in the future, this is Michigan after all, but I am looking forward to the kids being able to go out and play for more than a few minutes before coming in complaining of the cold.

The holidays and birthday have blown by us in a blur. My girls are each another year older already. Jeff's job sucks but at least he has one and we have benefits. We keep submitting resumes in hopes of something more suited to his talents will come up, but I'm sure he gets lost in the sea of 1000 other resumes in this economy. I was hoping we'd qualify for some sort of mortgage assistance since we are negative equity in our house thanks to the 2 forclosures on either side of us and the new one going up across the street. I don't believe our loan is a Fannie or Freddie so we are once again SOL. Our lender said to call them back in a few months and they may have something to help us. Keep fingers crossed! We aren't behind at all but our rate will jump in less than 2 years so I am trying to do something now while the time seems right.

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