Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Back in the Sweep of things

I have started to get back into sweeping. I slacked off for a few months and have missed it. Even more, I've missed winning things. Now, I'm not all gung ho with entering everything out there, I just enter the ones I'd want or use. I don't go for the vacations because I know Jeff can't take time off work and I'm afraid of flying. I did have a great surprise in my inbox this morning and I won a $20 gift card and a Tickle Me Plant. Gabby is excited about the plant.

So, March is going out. Not sure if ours came or went as a lion or lamb but it is going. We are down a pet now. Had to put Sandy the rat to sleep last week. Gabby has her heart set on a pair of hairless rats available up north so we may be taking a road trip this weekend if they ever email me back again.

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