Friday, September 19, 2008

Time for an Update

Well, I guess I haven't posted anything for awhile so I should add some updates.

Jeff got a job working for his friends FIL. He and his friend had been talking a lot about going into business together and possibly taking over his FIL's business. Well, Jeff got the job on Tuesday morning and has been working there since that afternoon. So far he likes it because it is just him and the owner and Jeff gets to voice his ideas for the company and the guy likes them. Jeff is the type of person he was looking for to groom to possibly take over in the near future. He didn't want just a tech guy, he wanted someone with vision and new ideas to bring on more clients and more services to sell. The pay is a touch lower than at his old job BUT he gets paid hourly instead of salary so he could end up making more. The down side is no insurance so we'll have to look into getting that ourselves. I've filled out the paperwork for MIChild for the girls and hopefully I'll hear back on that soon (and hopefully their Dr. will accept it or I'm screwed).

Grandma is 93 today!! Hard to believe she made it to this day after all her health problems back in the spring. K and J flew in from NC to surprise her and we are taking her to lunch this afternoon. I'm even letting Gabby get out of school early for the day when I pick up Natalie from kindergarten so she can go to lunch with us too.

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