Thursday, September 11, 2008

Good Vibes Needed

Jeff is currently at interview #2 of 3 for this week. Please, please, please send good vibes that he gets offered at least one of the positions (preferably #1 or #2). We're pretty sure he'll get offered #3 but we're also pretty sure the pay is 1/2 of his old job (which wasn't much) and there is no way we can live on that.

The girls are adjusting to school. Carpool started this week so I'm off the hook for mornings and just have to do K pick up and Gabby's end of day pick up. Gabby is back to her old self being stubborn in the mornings and driving me crazy. Natalie is fussing over her outfits and thinks she has to wear a skirt or dress everyday. Today I made her wear her Barbie crocs that the had to have and she was throwing a fit and I threw her into the carpool van with her crying and me apologizing to the mom driving. Luckily she has a daughter the same age and knows the drama well. I haven't gotten a phone call from school so she must have settled down on the road. I'm sure her teacher will appreciate her moodiness :P

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Lisa Sharp said...

Good luck and thanks for the link!