Friday, August 22, 2008

Worry Lines

Here I thought Jeff had some time and would be able to line up something, even a contract, before he was downsized, but it does not look promising. He's had 2 interviews but 1 was for something different than the IT area he is more proficient in and the other one was going to be very mundane and the interviewer knew he would not be happy doing it for long because he's too skilled for it. He's going to see if he can squeak out a little more time at his current employer by doing something different until they need him for network issues. The only thing is he'll most likely have to take a pay cut because that is another thing they mentioned, that he is one of the highest paid in the company. I guess as long as it pays more than MARVIN he'll have to do it until he gets something else. THIS SUCKS!!! Last time it took him 2 YEARS to get something permanent and we almost lost our house. We have enough savings to get by for only 1 month and I need to pick up more ChaCha time or sell a whole lotta Tupperware.

Gaaaah, I hate this and I hate it even more for our kids having to go without fun stuff yet some more. We just took our first 'vacation' this summer, ever, and that was only to Dearborn overnight. Woohoo, a whole 3 hours away. I hate my life most of the time and if we could, we'd pack up and leave here because it sucks so bad.

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