Friday, August 1, 2008

Stupid Company

So, it is common knowledge that Jeff works for a bunch of douche bags that don't understand common sense and do everything a$$ backwards. Now he doesn't get a general increase because he is one of the highest paid in the company. Well no $hit he makes more than most, he is the one that keeps all the innerds of the company running. BTW, he is still GROSSLY underpaid for his position in our area though. They go on about the normal bla, bla, it's not the same company it was a year ago, it's smaller, yada yada. Who cares!! Jeff still does the same kind of work. The network still needs to run and the phones still need to accept calls. Just because they suck at marketing and just spend money on stupid useless stuff isn't Jeff's fault.

He (through me) has given them a superb idea to increase traffic to the website, start a contest!! I enter contests daily so I emailed them examples, how they should do it, what they should giveaway, etc. Nope they decided to do something completely asinine and instead of posting a contest on their webpage, they emailed existing customers to have them call in to enter in some sort of bogus gas card scheme they are a part of (a place you get $25 gas cards for every $100 you spend). HELLO losers!! How is that driving more traffic and attracting NEW customers. Jeff's boss kept saying he didn't understand it. He's such a boner and needs to go back to China then if he couldn't understand the simplicity of having a button on the webpage where people sign up to receive the monthly newsletter and will be entered into a drawing to win (and here's the kicker) actual product that you sell!! Is that really so hard to understand? I even sent them links of examples and stressed that they will get more people interested if they are actually putting their product in their hands.

Sorry if I got off on a rage there but STUPID people truly need to be boxed up and sent to some remote island somewhere where they won't bug the rest of us.

Ok, I'm done now. Carry on, LOL.

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Harmony said...

Isn't that frustrating?? Hope they can see the sense in it before it's too late!