Monday, August 25, 2008

Pretty good Sunday

Yesterday the IL's planned on having a picnic at Riverside park. Neither Jeff nor I were really looking forward to it but after a little bit of a rocky start to the day (with he and I pretty much snapping at each other over anything and everything) it turned out to be pretty good. Jeff and his brother took the kids fishing after we ate lunch so the ladies could sit around and chit chat. It was pretty decent weather wise but was a little windy which made it kind of cool out.

After the eating and fishing, we went home so Jeff and Natalie could clean up since they were pretty gross from sliding around in all the goose poop down by the pond, we went to MIL's to play some games. It is usually a pretty good time when we get together to sit around and be silly playing Trivial Pursuit and Scene It.

At least the weekend ended pretty nicely.


Harmony said...

Glad you had a fun weekend :)

Lisa Sharp said...

Sounds fun!

Thanks for listing me as a blog worth reading. :)