Thursday, August 14, 2008

The End is Near

Well, Jeff finally got word that, yes indeed, his job is being eliminated and will be going to a contract/as needed status. He was able to buy himself a little bit of time, to the end of this month. We are optimistically hopeful that he can get something lined up before then, but we know that in all actuality, it probably won't happen. I've made his profiles public now on the job sites and he had 2 interviews so far this week but already knows he doesn't have either of those jobs. The first one was a different job description than what the recruiter had who sent him there, so he didn't have all the qualifications in the areas they wanted. The second one, he was too skilled for and would be bored with it, and the owner of the company knew it too and has no plans to change things up since his company runs smoothly as it is.

Here's to hoping SOMETHING/ANYTHING that pays the same comes along, and fast!!

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Harmony said...

What's his area of expertise? I'll keep an eye out :)