Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dog Days

Well, we're in the final stretch of summer break from school. Gabby and Natalie got their teacher assignments. Natalie is excited she got the Kindergarten teacher she was wanting. Gabby was less than thrilled that she didn't get the 3rd grade teacher she was hoping for. To top it off, our neighbor who has been in her classes since K got a different teacher (the one Gabby wanted) as did one of her close friends. Hopefully once school starts she will have a better attitude or it'll be one heck of a long year for the teachers and me.

The hot humidity is here, joy. It's supposed to cool down some by the weekend though which I hope it does. I love having the windows opened instead of the AC running upstairs.

My ChaCha guide opportunity might be numbered. Here I thought I found the perfect way to make a few hundred extra bucks a month since I suck at selling Tupperware. Now they are changing the payscale so unless you make the top percent, you get 1/2 the pay. I made it in the top my first week but don't know why I didn't make it last week. I'll just have to try my darndest to make it and keep the same pay (and hopefully the company doesn't fold too). Hey, every little bit helps. Hopefully Jeff will find something new that pays a better wage as well so we aren't so strapped. I'm also selling unwanted stuff on Craigslist too for a tidbit of extra money. It's like having a garage sale without all the work!

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