Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wild Wednesday

Wow, yesterday was some day. Natalie had her quarterly eye check/exam so we left the house early for that since the route there had construction. We were pretty early so we went to the mall across from her dr. office and piddled around for a bit. Found some awesome deals at Disney and walked out of there with a bag full of goodies for only $20.

We got in pretty much on time for her appointment - shocking! When we got done it was super dark outside (this is at 3pm) so we ran to our car and sat in it riding out what ended up being round 1 of severe storms. We waited through very vivid vertical lightening, marble sized hail, and probably at least an inch of rain in 15 minutes. It finally cleared up and looked like it was over so we left and went back over to the mall because the girls wanted to go in Build a Bear and we didn't have time before. While in there the clerk asked us if we were waiting out the rain at the mall and we said no, we did that at the dr. office then came to the mall. She then said, well that was only the first storm, there are more. Great! The girls get a new BAB and outfit and we left, only to hear the thunder starting up. We drove home in torrential rains, wind, very dark skies, and all around scariness.

When we finally got home it was letting up a little bit plus we discovered we had no power. Finally around 5:30 it stopped lightening so I was able to go out and clear out the storm drains which were gunked over and caused the street to flood up to mid-shin. Another neighbor came out and helped clear the other drain across the street. It looked like a tornado through our neighborhood. Chainsaws were a buzzing and the lady that helped me clear the drains lost part of the back end of her house to half a tree. It was crazy!! A different neighbor said it was like a hurricane blowing through.

We spent a very quiet and dark night at home. Natalie woke up freaking because her lantern we put in her room had burned out so 4am she was up and in our bed, and not going back to sleep. We went to my moms house briefly after getting McD's for lunch because she at least had power and I wanted to check my emails. We were told power might not be restored until late Saturday. We had decided to start calling hotels for the night. I made 4 calls to get prices and was debating on what to do when FINALLY at 6:20pm we got an answer - our power came back on so no wasting $100+ for a hotel room for the night.

Now we just get the fun part of tossing the fridge contents and restocking that tomorrow. I haven't checked the deep freeze but that should be ok since it was pretty full and everything was frozen solid. I doubt anything melted, and if any did it would have only been the freeze-pops which can refreeze.

All I can say now is HOORAY for electricity!

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Harmony said...

Yikes! We didn't get much around here. We certainly do take our electricity for granted, eh?