Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Our New Pet

Well, let me clarify the "our", that means Jeff and Gabby's new pet. While I suggested her (because I knew it's what Jeff wanted) I certainly am not overly fond of her.

Yesterday, Gabby's new hamster Daisy was dead. Not a huge deal as we'd only had her a week and nobody was attached to her like we were Sunshine. Of course we were a day over the pet store's guarantee so it was kinda a waste of money. We had some errands to run anyways and stopped at the pet store while we were out. They had some Golden Hammies in there that Gabby was interested in but Jeff had said get a rat when I called him at work to tell him about Daisy. They had 1 large rat left which happened to be a female (what we wanted) and was also a hairless. She is the ugliest thing you've ever seen!! But she was also quite tame when I had the clerk take her out so Gabby could see her better. I had them hold her until Jeff got home from work and we went and picked her up. Jeff carried her the whole time, though I did buy a ball for her to carry her home in because she refused to go in the box for the ride home.

Her name is Sandy Cheeks, yup Spongebob's friend LOL. I'm still freaked out by her but Jeff and Gabby take her out and let her crawl all over them. I don't want to touch her but I talk to her and give her grapes as treats.

Right now she is just in the 10 gallon we used for the hammies but we're going to buy a topper that doubles her living space and gives her room to climb and run. They said she'd be fine in the 10 gal. for a short time.

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Miranda said...

oh, I bet you're having fun taking care of that! lol When my daughter was young we got two tiny little mice and they were sweet and cute but boy did they STINK! I swear I changed their cages 20 times a day and it just never helped the smell.

I hope the pet rat is working out better than the mice did for us. :p It's kinda cute in a different sort of way. :)