Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Yeah, I know they are part of the food chain, but still they serve no purpose in my life other than making me a prisoner in my own home. I tried to do a little yard work yesterday and was eaten up by them. My arm looks all disfigured from the super sized welts I have. Why am I the tastiest one in the family? The girls were out there longer than I was and didn't get any bites. I even had to have Jeff do the mowing this weekend because they are so horrible. He's a smoker so they don't like him. He did a half assed job on the grass too and completely ignored the front on the other side of the fence line, so that looks stupid now too.

Maybe I should invest in a bat house to try to keep the pest population down to a minimum. Off to itch and apply some more smelly After Bite medicine.

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Jen said...

Katie crawled into bed with me this morning and was itching up a storm. I know she didn't have any bites on her legs when she went to bed, but had 5 on one leg and 3 on the other so some mosquito was hungry last night.