Thursday, July 10, 2008


I hate when I make lazy decisions and it ends up costing me. This time it was to the tune of 3 bank fees because I f'd up and didn't transfer money over from Jeff's account after I bought the cage topper for the rat (which by the way I returned yesterday because it hurt her feet!!). Oh man, I am so pissed at myself. We so did not need to have those fees, it puts us even further behind for the month than we already are. This week isn't pay week so I listed a bunch of stuff up on Craiglist to try to sell for grocery money (it's all outgrown kid stuff so it's things I've needed to get up there to sell anyways). I also put up a BUNCH of my Tupperware overstock in hopes of generating some interest for someone who doesn't want to wait for an order to be shipped. *IF* I can sell the majority of what I have listed that will generate over $200. It's all new stuff and priced well below book price, but people around here still want something for nothing so I'm not overly optimistic of much of it selling since I'm not too flexible with the prices I set. Oh well, you never know unless you try.

Last night Jeff and I also discussed the very real possibility that I might have to get a job (shudder). It would so suck because I'd be stuck working every weekend and lots of nights if I just go out and get a stupid retail job for awhile to get us caught up and back on track. Gaaaaah, how do we keep getting ourselves into this situation!!

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