Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We Survived!

We took our first family 'vacation' this weekend. We drove to Dearborn (almost 3 hours away) and went to The Henry Ford and Greenfield Village. In all it was a nice time. The kids didn't ask too much "are we there yet?" and they were for the most part good. Of course they were most impressed with swimming in the hotel pool than anything else, but they did think riding on an old steam engine and in a Model T car was pretty neat.

I can't believe how expensive it is to just take an overnight trip! Our tickets I got inexpensive by buying them from people who won them in the contest but lived too far away to use them. That was a win-win for both of us because it gave them some cash for otherwise useless tickets and saved me some cash because we were going to visit there anyways this summer. Our meals weren't too costly, we ate at Bob Evans for one dinner, free breakfast at the hotel, and had lunch at another mom and pop type restaurant. The hotel is where it really added up, and we just stayed at a Hampton Inn so it wasn't exactly luxury. It was located right next to the Village so we wouldn't get lost driving around Dearborn, and I didn't want to stay in a dive like the Red Roof Inn (which did indeed look like a dive when we drove past on the way to Bob Evans).

I'm already planning another trip for the spring to the Chicago Science and Industry museum after my sister gets moved to South Bend. We'll take the weekend commuter to Chicago and walk the 2 blocks to the museum. Kids ride free with adults on the weekend and then we save a bundle on gas, parking, and the headache of driving into Chicago. It'll be fun!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Remind Me

The next time I plan to spray weed killer in the yard, remind me to check the weather. I sprayed around lunch time today and 3:45 or so in roll some thunderstorms. I can't remember if the stuff just has to dry of if it needs to stay dry for a certain amount of time/days. Oh well, guess I'll just repeat again next week if it doesn't look like it worked.

Ghost Hunt

Went out with some of my friends last night in search of the famed Ada Witch. I got chills just typing that, LOL. We didn't see her, but I was a big chicken anyways and most likely would have wet my pants. The odd thing is that there was a newer house right across the street and also right smack next to this cemetary, which has graves dating back into the 1800s. Why in the world would you build a house right smack next to a known haunted cemetary? The back side of the house was mostly windows too and the owners were home so we were scared of getting the cops called on us too, even though we were very quiet and respectful to the graves. I think there is another ghost hunt being planned for around the next month's full moon as well. Eeeeeeeeeeeee!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wall E

Yesterday we finally took the girls to see Wall*E. Jeff and the girls really liked it, I thought it was ok but took a little too long in the beginning. It was a cute movie.

The theater was packed yesterday though, which is always a pain when you're taking young kids (aka: wiggly Natalie) to a movie. Of course we had 2 bigger people sitting directly in front of us and they reclined all the way in their seats, making it impossible for us to sit without our legs bumping their seats. Yes, I know they paid just as much for their tickets but I still thought it was kinda rude and perhaps they should have sad in a different row or over a few seats where they wouldn't recline into anyone. Anyways, that's my rant. Oh, and Gabby made us put the fake butter on our popcorn and ALL 4 of us were racing for the bathroom when we got home (if you know what I mean).

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I hate when I make lazy decisions and it ends up costing me. This time it was to the tune of 3 bank fees because I f'd up and didn't transfer money over from Jeff's account after I bought the cage topper for the rat (which by the way I returned yesterday because it hurt her feet!!). Oh man, I am so pissed at myself. We so did not need to have those fees, it puts us even further behind for the month than we already are. This week isn't pay week so I listed a bunch of stuff up on Craiglist to try to sell for grocery money (it's all outgrown kid stuff so it's things I've needed to get up there to sell anyways). I also put up a BUNCH of my Tupperware overstock in hopes of generating some interest for someone who doesn't want to wait for an order to be shipped. *IF* I can sell the majority of what I have listed that will generate over $200. It's all new stuff and priced well below book price, but people around here still want something for nothing so I'm not overly optimistic of much of it selling since I'm not too flexible with the prices I set. Oh well, you never know unless you try.

Last night Jeff and I also discussed the very real possibility that I might have to get a job (shudder). It would so suck because I'd be stuck working every weekend and lots of nights if I just go out and get a stupid retail job for awhile to get us caught up and back on track. Gaaaaah, how do we keep getting ourselves into this situation!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Cage

So I am terribly perplexed on how to house the new creature. Right now she is in a 10 gal., which we know is not ideal. I did go to Petco and pick up a tank topper which gives her climbing space and and added level. The drawback to that is it only opens on the top so Gabby can't get her out on her own, and it makes food and watering very difficult.

Petsmart has a great cage on their website that I can get for $85 (or $75 if Google still offers $10 off to set up a new checkout account) but we don't have that extra money right now. The Petco one was $45.

Amazon has a topper for $21 but it just doesn't give enough details for my liking. I'm the kind of person who needs to know EVERYTHING before buying.

Ya know, another hammy would have been so much easier. Maybe I just need to find a way to make more money too, then I wouldn't be stressing like I am now. Doesn't help that Jeff is getting disgruntled with his job and doesn't think he'll get a raise since the company isn't making much money. He is also talking about going out on his own with 2 guys he works with and starting their own biz. That scares the living #%@! out of me because I thrive on consistency in knowing EXACTLY how much money is coming in each paycheck. I also worry about insurance too. Arrrrrgh, I hate when were in this predicament (yeah, this happens a couple times a year with him).

Our New Pet

Well, let me clarify the "our", that means Jeff and Gabby's new pet. While I suggested her (because I knew it's what Jeff wanted) I certainly am not overly fond of her.

Yesterday, Gabby's new hamster Daisy was dead. Not a huge deal as we'd only had her a week and nobody was attached to her like we were Sunshine. Of course we were a day over the pet store's guarantee so it was kinda a waste of money. We had some errands to run anyways and stopped at the pet store while we were out. They had some Golden Hammies in there that Gabby was interested in but Jeff had said get a rat when I called him at work to tell him about Daisy. They had 1 large rat left which happened to be a female (what we wanted) and was also a hairless. She is the ugliest thing you've ever seen!! But she was also quite tame when I had the clerk take her out so Gabby could see her better. I had them hold her until Jeff got home from work and we went and picked her up. Jeff carried her the whole time, though I did buy a ball for her to carry her home in because she refused to go in the box for the ride home.

Her name is Sandy Cheeks, yup Spongebob's friend LOL. I'm still freaked out by her but Jeff and Gabby take her out and let her crawl all over them. I don't want to touch her but I talk to her and give her grapes as treats.

Right now she is just in the 10 gallon we used for the hammies but we're going to buy a topper that doubles her living space and gives her room to climb and run. They said she'd be fine in the 10 gal. for a short time.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wild Wednesday

Wow, yesterday was some day. Natalie had her quarterly eye check/exam so we left the house early for that since the route there had construction. We were pretty early so we went to the mall across from her dr. office and piddled around for a bit. Found some awesome deals at Disney and walked out of there with a bag full of goodies for only $20.

We got in pretty much on time for her appointment - shocking! When we got done it was super dark outside (this is at 3pm) so we ran to our car and sat in it riding out what ended up being round 1 of severe storms. We waited through very vivid vertical lightening, marble sized hail, and probably at least an inch of rain in 15 minutes. It finally cleared up and looked like it was over so we left and went back over to the mall because the girls wanted to go in Build a Bear and we didn't have time before. While in there the clerk asked us if we were waiting out the rain at the mall and we said no, we did that at the dr. office then came to the mall. She then said, well that was only the first storm, there are more. Great! The girls get a new BAB and outfit and we left, only to hear the thunder starting up. We drove home in torrential rains, wind, very dark skies, and all around scariness.

When we finally got home it was letting up a little bit plus we discovered we had no power. Finally around 5:30 it stopped lightening so I was able to go out and clear out the storm drains which were gunked over and caused the street to flood up to mid-shin. Another neighbor came out and helped clear the other drain across the street. It looked like a tornado through our neighborhood. Chainsaws were a buzzing and the lady that helped me clear the drains lost part of the back end of her house to half a tree. It was crazy!! A different neighbor said it was like a hurricane blowing through.

We spent a very quiet and dark night at home. Natalie woke up freaking because her lantern we put in her room had burned out so 4am she was up and in our bed, and not going back to sleep. We went to my moms house briefly after getting McD's for lunch because she at least had power and I wanted to check my emails. We were told power might not be restored until late Saturday. We had decided to start calling hotels for the night. I made 4 calls to get prices and was debating on what to do when FINALLY at 6:20pm we got an answer - our power came back on so no wasting $100+ for a hotel room for the night.

Now we just get the fun part of tossing the fridge contents and restocking that tomorrow. I haven't checked the deep freeze but that should be ok since it was pretty full and everything was frozen solid. I doubt anything melted, and if any did it would have only been the freeze-pops which can refreeze.

All I can say now is HOORAY for electricity!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Yeah, I know they are part of the food chain, but still they serve no purpose in my life other than making me a prisoner in my own home. I tried to do a little yard work yesterday and was eaten up by them. My arm looks all disfigured from the super sized welts I have. Why am I the tastiest one in the family? The girls were out there longer than I was and didn't get any bites. I even had to have Jeff do the mowing this weekend because they are so horrible. He's a smoker so they don't like him. He did a half assed job on the grass too and completely ignored the front on the other side of the fence line, so that looks stupid now too.

Maybe I should invest in a bat house to try to keep the pest population down to a minimum. Off to itch and apply some more smelly After Bite medicine.