Thursday, June 26, 2008


I just got the call this evening that everything is all set to take Grandma back "home" tomorrow at noon. Mom's been waiting for them to call her for 2 days but apparently they had her number wrong so they finally just called me. Well, whatever, at least she can finally go home, with a few provisions. She'll be pretty much isolated to her own room until the C Dif (not sure the real name, that is just what they called it) infection is cleared. Honestly, we think she'll get over it faster by being left in her own room anyways because chances are she was re-picking up the infection by going to the PT/OT room where all the other residents go anyways. She'll also be much closer to visit - less than 5 min vs. 20 min away.

On a sad note: Gabby's little hamster Sunshine is once again knocking on death's door. Nobody ever seems to answer though so the poor little thing is left to suffer with her icky oozing blood tumor. I finally sent an email to our vet asking how much to put her down humanely. She has to be suffering with that huge tumor and she looks miserable, yet oddly enough she gets really happy and perky when we go in to talk to her and pet her.

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