Monday, June 16, 2008

Where did summer go?

So after having the last 2 weeks being hot and humid, today is quite chilly and breezy. The girls and I went to the park with some MMC mommies and we were all pretty cold.

The mystery allergic reaction is now on both palms. Still have no clue what exactly it is from, other than something outside. I think I'm gonna buy some heavy duty gloves to wear when mowing and also I'll have to wear jeans since I have a large rash on my thigh too. Drinking the kids Benedryl helps to control the itchiness but makes me REALLY tired. One of these days I probably should go and have an allergy test done to figure out what I am for sure allergic to. I also have some spray for the yard to kill all the weeds (basically my whole yard, LOL) that I'm going to spray this week as long as there is no rain forcasted.

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