Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Unit Meeting Motivation

I love going to our Tupperware unit meetings, especially after big months. While I sold barely more than squat last month (about 250) I still ended up with a great prize. I got an olive oil mister, makeup case with brushes/sponges, and some silly string for the kids to play with outside later if they are good.

I'm always so pumped up afterwards and want to go out and sell and book parties. So, who wants to have a party now??? That's where I always get hung up. I hate making calls and bugging people but that is probably how I'd be able to get some datings. I sent out a large email blast last night in hopes of generating some sales at least. I've gotten 6 web viewings so far since I've done that.

There's only a few weeks left to be able to buy the dining trays, which are fabulous for anyone who ever has campouts, home BBQ's, potlucks where you have to BYO dinnerware, great for kids to use. There's just not enough good things to say about them. They have one big compartment, 2 small compartments, and a slot to hold your silverware as you peruse the poutluck line. They don't bend and break like paper plates and also you can keep your foods separated so they don't run into each other (ie: no jello flavored burger buns LOL). Feel free to check out my website to see what else is on sale this month.

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