Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Some Sneeze

So last week Thursday I was getting Gabby up and myself dressed so I could take her and Dakota to school. I was walking out of Natalie's room and across the hall to Gabby's room. I started sneezing, which is nothing unusual for me, when all of a sudden something jarred my back/neck and I was frozen in pain. I managed to loosen up enough to get dressed and had Gabby put on a pain patch across my shoulders, but I have been in pain ever since. I know, I should probably go to the chiropractor but I really just don't want to part with $35 per visit there. Sitting hurts, trying to get comfy in bed hurts, turning my head over my shoulder is painful (which makes driving dangerous). I've tried the back massager thingy we have and that feels ok but can also be a little painful. Guess I'll just have to hope the muscles heal soon.

In other news, signed the girls up for summer reading at the library today. We walked there, correction, I walked while they were chauffeured in the bike trailer by me. They did walk a small portion on the way there but then Natalie got tired and Gabby complained of blisters. Lazy kids. I even had to carry the backpack full of books on the way home too!

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Harmony said...

Yikes! Hope the library wasn't too far away :)

And hope your back/neck/shoulders are feeling better soon!