Sunday, June 29, 2008

RIP Sunshine

Friday morning we took Gabby's little buddy, Sunshine, in to our vet to be humanely put down. She was a brave little girl (both Gabby and Sunshine). I had emailed our vet a few times on Thursday and she said if we brought her in, she'd take care of it for us for no charge. We went first thing in the morning and took along the little wooden 'coffin' Gab's had decorated for her to be burried in. I tossed in a couple of old baby washcloths and they wrapped her nicely in them after she was gone. They even gave her a little ceramic heart with a paw print on it.

When we got home, we made the stepping stone kit we had bought a few weeks ago when we first thought Sunshine was going to die. We put the paw print stone from the vet in the middle of it.

Yesterday, we picked the spot and burried her and placed the stone on top of her grave. (our fat cow of a cat, Scratches, went out and peed on her today, ugh)

Saturday we also got some new additions: 6 new fish and a new fancy hamster that Gabby named Daisy (sure hope she's a girl). The new hammy is so cute, looks like a wobbly cotton ball! She seems to have a good disposition and lets us pet her and Gabby has held her several times today without incident, except for potty messes.

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