Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rain, Lice, and all that Jazz

This weekend was Festival weekend, so of course that means crappy weird weather. Yesterday was so blasted hot and humid, then we got some bad storms and huge amounts of rain come through at night. Jeff did get the window AC put in upstairs though so it was bearable. We put up the air mattress in the next room for the girls to sleep.

Had another round of lice last night. Grrrrrr. I've been so diligent at checking. Gabby was free for 2 weeks and then was loaded again last night. It's like one minute she's clear, the next she is covered. Natalie only had a couple of live ones. They got a peppermint shampoo treatment and then I slathered their heads in mayo and covered with a shower cap for overnight. It smelled nasty but seemed to do the trick. Natalie was totally clear after washing it out. Gabby I had to pick the nits out but they came out easily since her hair was so conditioned.

Jeff butchered her hair because he is so sick of the bugs. And it was sooooooo cute the way it was. I'm still irritated he did it. I colored it with burgundy streaks today though so it at least is fun for her for the summer. They should wash out in a couple months.

We think the neighbor girl is giving it to them. It's just too big of a coincidence that everytime she comes over to play outside with them, they suddenly end up with lice. I'm removing her from the equation to see if we can remain lice free now. If not then I'll allow her back over to play (outside). If they get them again I'm going to scream!!!

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