Sunday, June 1, 2008


It's now June. 5 more days until our 10th anniversary!! Who woulda thunk it LOL. Gabby is officially done with school on Friday. Steph, Dan and the kids should be up here Friday night as well. It will be nice to see her since it's been about a year.

Picked up my new-to-me van on Friday evening. Found a few minor glitches but at least they are $20 fixes for 1 and free for the other since we added on the warranty. Not looking forward to the higher car payments. I'll probably have to go get me a job soon now. I can have the Goldman's job but need to go to Flint for a 2 hr. training session. Sucky!!

Got the stumps ground out of our trees finally, now I have 2 huge holes to fill in the yard. Today looks like it'll be a nice day to do that though. JOY!!

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