Thursday, May 29, 2008

Where is summer?

Ok, I know summer is technically a little less than a month away, but come on - I have not felt the need to wear shorts even once and when I wear short sleeves I'm usually cold. Shouldn't it be nice out already? I haven't even begun to think about planting flowers yet either and usually I have that done over Memorial weekend. Sheesh, looks to be a long chilly summer so far.

Car news: So my tranny is trying to decided whether or not to take a dump. It started it's chugging, shaking and engine light business again yesterday. Went to Tuffy and they said it's a torque converter code (but possibly just a sensor). Either way I'm looking at a decent repair bill to add to everything else maintenance wise on it and it just isn't worth it. I just rolled over to 140K on it yesterday too. We're waiting to hear about financing on an '02 Caravan today. I don't want a higher car payment but don't want to sink a bunch of money into a heap either.

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