Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Go West

Gabby had her spring concert last night. It was called Go West!. The 2nd-4th grade classes were a part of it. It was pretty decent considering it was little kids. We had some really annoying parents sitting behind us though. They were making comments and chattering through the whole thing. At one point they made remarks about the scenery which was painted by a few moms, one of them Gabby's friends mom. They were like - "kids must have painted them, look at the horses legs, they're too short; look at the paddle wheel on the boat". I was thisclose to turning around and telling them to zip it and they have no room to talk about anything if they didn't step up and volunteer to help with any of it. Then they were making comments on some of the costumes (or lack thereof) of some of the kids. Well, hello, they can't all be perfect snobs like you are, ass wipes!! The kids just had to dress somewhat western/pioneer-ish. Gabby wore a floral Laura Ashley dress and borrowed a bonnett from a friend who had extras. Some kids wore denim shirts and had red bandanas tied at their necks. For the most part, almost all the kids were in 'costume'.

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Harmony said...

Rude parents suck.

Glad you enjoyed the concert :)