Monday, March 31, 2008

April Showers...almost

We're ushering March out like a lion here with Tstorms and heavy rain. Yuck, Jeff has no place to park since his spot has turned into a lake now. Unfortunately April will arrive with a cold front and temps dropping from the 40's. I'm really craving the warm sunny days now that we had a smidget of taste of them.

Jeff's going back to his old job after a week at the new one. He was too bored there and his old place was more than happy to take him back. Too bad he doesn't get a raise yet but they said they'd re-evaluate in a few months. The new job wasn't exactly thrilled that he was leaving but most of them understood it wasn't a challenge and he wasn't happy there. He doesn't lose any seniority at the old place either since he was only gone a week, and our benefits stay intact too. I hope and pray this was the right decision and we don't end up screwed in the end since he most likely burned the other bridge from the new job.

On a sad mommy note - I enrolled Natalie in Kindergarten last week :( My baby is growing up!!

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Harmony said...

Glad he was able to get back to the job he liked better :)