Monday, March 31, 2008

April Showers...almost

We're ushering March out like a lion here with Tstorms and heavy rain. Yuck, Jeff has no place to park since his spot has turned into a lake now. Unfortunately April will arrive with a cold front and temps dropping from the 40's. I'm really craving the warm sunny days now that we had a smidget of taste of them.

Jeff's going back to his old job after a week at the new one. He was too bored there and his old place was more than happy to take him back. Too bad he doesn't get a raise yet but they said they'd re-evaluate in a few months. The new job wasn't exactly thrilled that he was leaving but most of them understood it wasn't a challenge and he wasn't happy there. He doesn't lose any seniority at the old place either since he was only gone a week, and our benefits stay intact too. I hope and pray this was the right decision and we don't end up screwed in the end since he most likely burned the other bridge from the new job.

On a sad mommy note - I enrolled Natalie in Kindergarten last week :( My baby is growing up!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Come out, come our wherever you are!!

Hello, Spring, where have you gone? Today is cold, blustery, and occasionally snowy. What a bummer for the end of March. I know this is MI, but it would be nice to have a few warm 50+ degree days before the harsh reality of our roller coaster weather slaps us back in the face.

On a lighter note, the girls had their check-ups last week and are both growing faster than weeds. They are very tall for their age but average in weight. Natalie practiced being a pin cushion for her kindergarten booster shots. She cried but did good. She got a new Max and Ruby Easter DVD as bribery. Gabby got a Ken doll (we'll pretend he's Troy from HSM) but his neck broke after taking him out of the box so I need to take it back to Target and get a new one. The things we do to get our kids to the dr. office for a check-up :)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Life Keeps Rolling On

Well, after a boring week at work, at least Jeff still has his job to go back to (though no raise in the foreseeable future). Can't say the same for most of the rest of the 'company'. They are trying to rebuild it but it will be a long road with obviously no increase in pay. Well, we could really use that increase in pay, which was supposed to have happened back after Christmas. He does have a lunch interview with a vendor they were going to use for some analysis purposes. We'll see what kind of offer stems from that. If it is enough of an increase after taking more driving into consideration he may have to jump ship.