Sunday, January 20, 2008


I recently joined Bzz as an agent and they will send me free stuff and coupons to try products and spread the word. My first project was the Hillshire Farms wraps. First off, I was kinda disappointed that my "free" package was not really free since they only reimbursed up to $2.99 and they cost $3.99, but oh well, it was still lunch for $1. Then I was peeved because the Meijer I shop at only carried one of the 4 flavors. I really wanted to try the turkey, bacon wrap but they only had the ham/swiss. I don't mind ham but am not a swiss fan so I sprinkled the cheese on it sparingly. It did however come with honey mustard sauce which I LOVE. It was pretty good. I didn't have high hopes for the whole wheat wrap but that was tasty too. Would I pay $3.99 for this item in the future? Probably not unless they go on sale and I still have a coupon for it.

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